Upon a Sunny Shelf

You know, some days I need to take time to linger over a sunny little vignette a little longer than other days.  Some days I need to ground myself in something simple.  Something real.  A little place tucked away.  I carved out this little bit of shelf space for myself several months ago, and I quite enjoy it.  Walking past it makes me smile, and I hope to find a vintage chair, comfortable and full of echoes of the past, to place in this sunny spot so that I can sit and visit here a little longer.

Pictured is a dear collection of old Victoria Magazines that an even dearer friend gifted me.  The collection is a treasure.  I have copies of the magazine from as far back as 1989.  That’s the year I graduated from high school, dear readers!  The collection includes most of the 90’s, and is full of images that evoke feelings of warmth, hospitality, and femininity.

My daughter recently gathered all of our buttons in an old jar, and since this brought her so much joy, and the collection was so cheery, it simply had to go on my sunny shelf.  Some of the buttons in that jar are from my Granny’s collection.  Living through the depression, she wasted nothing.  Nothing.  There are buttons here that are from children’s dresses, and old shirts.  This brings me great joy, just to think of the frugality, and the time spent…saving buttons.

The rest of the books are my treasured books on flowers, gardening, and home simplicity!  As you can see, I have quite a grouping, and though there are more on the shelf above, the collection on this shelf never fails to bring a smile and inspire a corner of my imagination.

The white gloves are a vintage pair that my sister gave to my oldest daughter.  They were too small for wearing, so I tucked them into this little vignette.  Just for a touch of whimsy…and because they’re just too pretty to be tucked away.

You know, a sunny shelf can be anywhere…in a kitchen, tucked away at the end of a long hallway, outside on the porch.  No matter the size of our homes, or the decor within, I think everyone might have a little space carved out for just such a collection of small treasures, old or new, not terribly pretentious, but rather practical and pretty all at once.

May the sunshine dancing across your spaces bring you great joy!

Where is your sunny shelf?

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  1. Oh how lovely. We graduated high school the same year! I used to buy Victoria magazines way back when I was first married in 1992 – now I wish I had kept them. And your button jar reminds me of a book we have been enjoying called “Grandma's Attic” – several stories inspired by her button jar. I happened to blog today about making beautiful places in our homes today too!! I love reading every single word you write, you are so eloquent.

  2. I love reading your blog… Seeing your button jar truly warmed my heart. My dear grandmother went to the Lord about a year and a half ago. As my family explored her possessions, I shared with my mother that I would love my grandma's button box. I have so many wonderful childhood memories of pouring them out on the bedspread and sorting through all the different delightful buttons collected over the ages… A treasure that I now share with my own children.

  3. I loved Victoria magazine and had a subscription for many years. I think that is when I started going to tea with my girlfriends inspired by the pages in the magazine. I loved the clothes that were featured as well. I have a corner in my dining room that I have made my own. It has a dress form that I use for making clothing and I have colllected wooden spools that I am trying to find something in my house to help me display them.The dress form wears a lace shawl that my great grandmother made.

  4. very nice, thank you for sharing this post. I have lots of windows in my home. And since I live in a second floor duplex, I always have sunshine in my rooms. I am going to go look for that special spot for my collection. Blessings.

  5. Hi Jen,

    This comment is not to this current post, but it is regarding your recommendation of “Angel Food for Boys and Girls” (I couldn't find that post). Anyway…

    I just have to heartily thank you for the recommendation of those four little books as well as your wonderful spreadsheet linking the stories to the Baltimore. My boys love them! In fact, we are now calling Fridays “Angel Food Fridays” because that is the day I read story(ies) that correspond with the week's Religion studies.

    And so, thank you! And God bless you and your lovely (and helpful!) blog!


  6. Jill,
    That is so great about the Angel Food books being such a hit on your Fridays! We just love them, too!!!

    You know, I'm going to go dig that post up and link it in the sidebar so that it's more accessible! Your comment was a great reminder! Thanks!

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