Morning Basket Booklists

  • If you’re looking for a simple outline of what can be included in the Morning Basket – a selection of good, true, and beautiful – and a very simple grid walking you through the process of building your own Morning Basket – print and download the Introductory Guide and Planning Grid: Morning Basket Inspiration and Planning Grid

For some additional Morning Basket resources and printables I’ve shared through the years:

Grade Specific Booklists & Plans – I am happy to share all of my Charlotte Mason | Classical Education lesson plans, booklists, and term plans if they are a help or use. These were built for our family and are not meant to serve as a one-stop-shop for curriculum planning – the purpose of sharing them is to inspire ideas. Over the years, the formatting of my lesson plans have changed as I address our changing organizational and logistical needs. You can find all of these booklists and lesson plans using the tabs under Printables | Home Education:

Subject or Theme Specific Booklists

Alabama Natural History Lesson Plans and Booklist

  • Alabama Natural History – I built this as a year long course and it was fantastic – such fun for us!  We can’t wait to do it again with the younger kids!  It is built to coordinate with Doug Phillips’ Discovering Alabama series, but I have included projects, additional books, and broken ideas down into Term lesson plans.

Out of Print Book Series Listing

General Index Compilations

Master blank for book index – In living a literature based life, we read a lot of books, and so do our children!  I wish I had started this with my older children…from the beginning.  Print a blank book index for recording a lifetime list of books read!

You can email me at if you encounter a problem.

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