Oh, hey! I’m so glad you’re here! I’m often asked about a favorite thing – where did I get my desk, what’s my favorite notebook, what paper do I like to use to print lesson plans? Well, here’s your answer!

These are my favorite things! They are a collection of valuable things for homeschooling, organizing, the home office, and the home! Many of these links are affiliate links which means it costs you nothing, but I may earn a small commission if you use my link. And for that, I am very grateful! I use that commission to keep this blog free of advertisements!

Find a tab and open up to see the links!

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My shop with homeschool printables! I couldn’t ever find a planner that fit my needs for visually minimal as well as functional and organized – so I made my own! I have lots of variations of layout styles!

Homeschool favorites at Amazon

Ambleside Online for resources, and booklists – all free!

Home office favorites at Amazon favorites

My Ergonofis standing desk – ok…I know this is pricey. Hear me out – I spend a lot of time at my desk, and I started having back strain issues so I wanted to move to a standing desk. I also wanted to start walking at my treadmill at my desk, so I researched standing desks extensively and found that you get what you pay for! I wanted well made, with a small company kind of pride in the work. Practically speaking, I wanted the motor to be quiet and well-balanced so that when the desk rises my monitor doesn’t shake. This desk does it all! I’ve had mine for over a year and love it!

My Ergonofis ergonomic chair – this is another area that I tried to purchase cheap chairs that were pretty and it worked for awhile! And then…I hit a season that my desk became my office and I had to get serious! If you’re working from home you’re probably getting serious about your desk and chair situation, too! I invested in this amazing chair and wish I had done so sooner!!

Kitchen Favorites at Amazon

Ruggable washable rugs. Seriously. You’ll never look back! I wash just like I’m washing anything else – even my giant rug in my family room!

Gathre (this link should be a coupon for $20 off!). I have fallen in love with this company of modern leather-like materials! I started with the portable mat which is like a picnic blanket got married to a gorgeous piece of leather. From there I expanded my collection because the pieces are beautiful, easy to care for, and work so well for my active family!

Thrive Market fits my budget and my time! As a single/only parent my time is pulled in about a million directions. As someone with an autoimmune disease, the quality and ingredients I consume are a priority. Thrive allows me to order groceries at substantial savings, and have them land on my doorstep! Win-win! This link should get you 40% off!!

Amazon list of planning favorites

Cloth and Paper is my favorite source for planner supplies and I use many of their planning inserts in my work planner! I love the aesthetic and the quality and the accessories here are second to none! If you click using my link I think it saves you $15 off your first order!

8Lotus is another go-to for planner inserts that are super minimal and super functional! I use mostly 8Lotus inserts in my planner! If you need visually streamlined – you’ll have fun shopping here! Use code JEN8OFF8 for 8% off your total cost.

Levenger for all of my discbound notebooks

Austin Fowler bags – I’ve been a fan of this small company for many years! I love the high quality and attention to detail! I use these bags and backpacks as my everyday carry, my work bag, and for adventures with the kids! It’s a classic investment piece that elevates everything! (I always share sales on my Instagram page so follow me there!) Use code: JENMACKINTOSH for 15% off your order total when checking out!

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