Happy Birthday to our little Doodlebug!

She’s 1! I can hardly believe it. Seems so cleche’ to say, “it seems like just yesterday”….but….IT SEEMS LIKE JUST YESTERDAY! This was a challenging birthday to celebrate. The week prior found us all feeling within the grips of a nasty virus. By Doodlebug’s birthday, we were just starting to recover, but no one had gone anywhere to get anything for the tiniest (not that she would notice, you understand), but we didn’t want her birthday to slip past unnoticed. I sent Rob out for a cake mix, and the two older children hatched a plot to provide a birthday gift. She thoroughly enjoyed immersing herself in chocolate icing…and she loved splashing in her warm bath afterward.

At Sweet Pea’s request, I made my way to the attic and found 2 old babydolls that were sitting and waiting for someone to love them back to life. Sweet Pea knew just the little girl to do that! So, without any major purchase, no big expenditure, Sweet Pea and Sparkly set out to clean up the two baby dolls found and reclaimed for our little princess. The dolls were given a thorough scrubbing and washing, the doll clothes were tossed in the washer, and then the dolls were dressed and lovingly snugged in the pinkest of gift bags.

Doodlebug was so excited when she pulled out the tissue paper and saw a dolly in the bag!

She yanked the dolly out, clutched her tight in a big hug and smiled from ear to ear! It made this mommy heart nearly explode with happiness!

I was so glad when Mom’s package arrived for Doodles earlier in the day. We saved it, and then she excitedly tore into the pink tissue paper and was completely curious with the contents! (and as you can see from the pictures, the Peanut is quite smitten with Doodlbug’s new toddler crayons, too.) 🙂 They are so neat, and Doodlebug loves holding the fat little crayons!

Then, this morning, a late birthday surprise was waiting outside for her…snow! It was quite cold outside, and since she is just recovering from a nasty cold I didn’t let her go out. 🙁 Sparkly was so excited for her to see snow that he brought inside her very own little blue bucket of snow to play in. She adored it. It was so bright and she longed to touch it, but when she did it was so cold and then…it would dissappear from her fingers…why? All of this entertained her and puzzled her delightfully for some time!

We love you so much little Princess Doodlebug…you make us all smile and have opened our hearts to love even more! Happy Birthday my littlest! 🙂

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  1. Happy birthday! What a cutie! (And I hope you all get to feeling better.)(She and Chipmunk will have to compare notes on those tadoodles. Chipmunk thinks the blue one tastes best.)

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