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FOR TODAY, July 21, 2008

Outside My Window…The children are riding their bikes and trying to pretend it’s not 97 degrees outside already. How I long for the cool crisp air of the fall.

I am thinking…of all I need to do this week to prepare to begin lessons in a couple of weeks – a bit more art appreciation planning is in order as well as a little bit of fine tuning with my Shakespeare plans. All else is set. What a comfort!

I am thankful for…Monday morning Mass and confessions!

From the kitchen…The dishwasher is humming along on its second load of dishes! We made a huge mess last night making chicken piccata and sundried tomato pasta salad for dinner – but it was soooo worth it. I have leftovers for tonight! We haven’t made anything from the Barefoot Contessa cookbooks that we haven’t loved! My menu is set for the week, and the Costco trip is complete.

I am wearing…a sunny yellow shirt over a white tshirt with my signature denim skirt and my favorite Mary Janes.

I am creating…the last of my lesson plans and layers upon layers of ical calendars. 🙂

I am going…to Mass this morning – how I love Monday morning Mass, or at least the thought of Monday morning Mass. I need those graces so dearly, but I hate it when I leave Mass feeling like I’ve already spent the graces received while there wrangling with the little ones. It is an ongoing struggle to maintain a peaceful, attentive and gentle heart while mothering and assisting at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass – a REAL STRUGGLE. Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy! Gentle Heart of Mary, make my heart like yours!

I am reading…Chance or Purpose? Creation, Evolution and a Rational Faith by Cardinal Schonborn…as well as about 10 other books simultaneously. But right now, I’m hooked on Chance or Purpose!

I am hoping…to really fly through the last of my lesson planning this week.

I am hearing…the sound of hummingbirds chirping and fussing as they fly past the windows. They aren’t happy that the children are playing out front. I will not tell you how much we spend in sugar to keep those darned birds happy! I will tell you that my husband loves taking care of them, and I do love watching the tiny little things dart here and there. Oh, an aside! If you enjoy watching the hummingbirds – we’ve found the most wonderful picture book that describes beautifully the life of a hummingbird – The Far Flung Adventures of Homer the Hummer.

Around the house…hmmmm…piles of scrumptious books to put away from last weeks used book fest at my favorite used book store in Nashville!!! 🙂

One of my favorite things…willow baskets lined in linen for the purpose of strewing books about the house…baskets of insect books, bird books, art books, music books, story books, and every other book imaginable. How happy I am to be surrounded by books!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: finish up my planning for Fine Arts Fridays and set out the month of August’s Montessori presentations in my files. Set up my checklist for Montessori presentations for the year.

Here is picture thought I am sharing…

Our beloved tomatoes have been totally consumed by horn worms…or so I thought! I came home from Nashville prepared to launch all the plants into the compost bin, but when I went outside yesterday there was new growth, two un-eaten tomatoes and no horn worms. Could our bird friends have helped us out? Well, we’re watering like mad in the hopes that we can salvage some of our tomato plants! Foul creatures!

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  1. Oh my goodness! I have never seen hornworms eat like that! I woudl be so upset if they hit my garden. Out here in Oregon we dont have a lot of the garden bugs and beetles other warmer states do. Usually if we dont get tomatoes its because it never gets warm enough to ripen them.I loved your daybook today. I too love books in baskets.

  2. Yes, Cay is right…it looks so awful, but at the same time I’m thinking WOW! Birds could be contributing to it…the marks are the same as a few of our tomatoes that the chickens taste tested. LoL

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