Quiet Wintry Afternoons

It has been so delightful to see such wintry sights here!  Enjoy a few with us!

Hope you’re all enjoying a blessed and beautiful Christmas season!  Most of our snow has melted and gone, but I can’t help enjoying the sights of the past few days again! 

Today was a clean-up day – putting away, vacuuming a few corners, a fun rearranging of a child’s room upstairs.  This afternoon has been delightfully quiet – Rob and the two older children went to the farm to do some barn work while the little two slept, the puppies slept, and I….well…I curled up in front of a cozy fire with a cup of cafe’ au lait in hand – so warming – staring at a pile of utterly inviting and delicious books and delights I received for Christmas!  My biggest dilemma?  Which to immerse myself in first?

Decision:  The Resilient Gardener by Carol Deppe.

Followed by indecision:  Management in the Home by Lillian Gilbreth, Orpha Mae Thomas, & Eleanor Clymer.  (Are you familiar with Cheaper by the Dozen, based on the Gilbreth family?  Lillian Gilbreth, the author of the book, is the mother of “the dozen”, and her ideas are remarkably practical and inspiring to me!)

Such happy dilemmas!  Hope you’re all enjoying a little of the same!  Warm fires…family time…and the delights and joys of this holy season!

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  1. That is SO FUNNY, Erin!!! It probably IS crazy to you! As we're snowed in…you're looking for the fan and grabbing the ice cream! Oh well! Here's hoping there are cool breezes for you in your neck of the woods!

  2. Merry Christmas!!
    Beautiful phots, enjoyed seeing the snow. We don't get that down here. 🙂
    We are still enjoying all of our decor, we don't put everything away until The Baptism of the Lord. Our family tradition. We don't decorate with our Christmas decor until Christmas Eve and we still light the white center candle in our Advent wreath until the Baptism.The St. Nicholas decor comes out for his Feast Day of course, but other than that we wait in anticipation to break out everything else. I love how it builds up the excitement in the little ones. I just love seeing and reading about each families different traditions that they pass on to their children. The domestic church is such a beautiful thing isn't it??!!
    Peace & Health,

  3. Jen, we have enjoyed the snow here is Georgia too although it wasn't as much and melter quicker. A cup of java, a new book and peace and quiet? A little bit of heaven….. Happy New Year.

  4. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Your pictures are lovely. We've had a little snow here today too. It was beautiful to wake up to a carpet of white for New Year's Day! Those books both look fascinating. I'm going to have to see if I can get ahold of them!

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