Preparing Whole Foods for a Whole Month

I’m excited about this new book I ordered. The idea is whole food cooking, but on a grand scale – about once a month. The idea is that you plan, shop, cook and end up with a freezer full of meals. The author shares a number of forms to help you plan, shop, and multiply your recipes to be able to cook a month’s worth of meals in one day. There are a number of recipes in the book that look good too. Nothing too froofy! Mostly practical foods that lend themselves to freezing well. Her suggestions are very valuable, and the forms are nice too. There is a companion book that I might order soon too – Becoming Whole: Eating Your Way to Bountiful Health. I think I actually ordered the cart before the horse, but we’re already eating whole foods, so I didn’t think to order the other book until I started reading this one and became intrigued. Though the recipes offered in this first book are all meatless, the author suggests that adding meat would be easy to do in some of the recipes. Still, I’m always looking for meatless meals so I found the offering to be helpful because the author really looks to the “whole-ness” of a particular dish, making sure to cover all the bases – carb, veggie, protein, dairy. That makes it easier for me, because my default is…well….pasta and tomato sauce product! Seems complete enough for me. I don’t have time during the school year to tackle new projects like this, so my hope was to make a go of this over the summer, at least on some scale. I may not start out with the goal of having a month’s worth of food in the freezer at the end of the day, but maybe just pick out a few of my favorite dishes that freeze well, multiply them, and see what I end up with. I’ll post updates here so I can keep up with my progress.

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