I’m still here…just buried under piles of books…

It’s time for my annual summer tidying and re-arranging program. A program that strikes fear in the hearts of my family. Nothing is safe. No piece of furniture, no bookshelf, no fish tank, nothing. I start in the school room. It always starts in the schoolroom. I must have order before I begin the planning for next year. But, since we learn in every room of our home, every room gets a bit of an overhaul. If the placement of something didn’t work well for me last year it gets moved. My poor husband was so anxious to get back to work this morning just so he wouldn’t be asked to move anything else! I think I’m done moving the big pieces of furniture – I got all of that done yesterday. Today I MUST get books back to a home on a shelf, lest my husband suggest the un-imagineable tonight – that I purge books! Perish the thought.

So, that’s where I am, under this pile of books…and that pile…and this pile over here…and the big pile upstairs. I hope to be back soon with pictures of my delicious overhaul.

Til then…

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  1. Purging books is breaking the biggest commandment of them all. Heaven forbid. Don’t let him talk you into it; you’ll have to buy it again, when another child needs it.I know what you mean about exterior order. Without it you just cannot achieve interior order.

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