Presidential Election Unit Study

We’ve all been paying close attention to the political going’s on lately – all the primaries, the candidates. Both Sweet Pea and Sparkly have been asking at the end of every primary, “is such and such our new president now?” Rob and I have been explaining a little as we go along, but I have been making plans to start a more formal study of our election process to get them involved a bit more. I was really inspired when my friend, Marilyn started her study. She posted about their studies and the resources she used on her blog Enjoy the Journey.

In addition, there are more great ideas here on the 4 Real Forums.

I’m posting the two links here on my blog so I can come back here when I finally sit down to do some planning for after Easter!!!

Thank you so much Marilyn and other ladies for all the timely ideas and inspiration for this brain cell challenged mom!

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  1. Jennifer – I have more resources too if you need more! It is such a huge topic – we were so lucky to get most of the books out of the library. We also have lots more websites – the kids all got to do research online (having them share one computer was an exercise for the United Nations!!!) I will post some pictures of their notebooks on my blog as soon as I can

  2. Marilyn,I can’t wait to see pics of their notebooks!!! I have spent the better part of this evening bookmarking all of your great links and a few others. This is a rich subject with lots of resources out there. I’m going to check our library, but I usually have no luck there unfortunately 🙁 I may order a few books from Amazon. I’d love to work in a trip to DC sometime before November – could be a pipe dream though!

  3. JenniferA trip to DC would be awesome – unfortunately our house is too small to put you all up – but we would love to have you over and the girls would enjoy meeting IRL.If you need help deciding which books to buy let me know – some are better than others.Our camera is dying – I cannot take close up pictures – we have been saving up for a new one – once I can I will post pictures of the notebooks.

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