I’ve been thrifting!

I’ve been meaning to drop by one of my favorite thrift stores for some time now. There always seems to be some really great finds there. I was in search of baskets and trays for my Montessori shelves. I was not dissappointed!! Here’s my collection of treasures – spent $15 total for the baskets, 2 Pfaltgraff platters (these are for me 🙂 – not the Montessori shelves,) a beautiful brass tray with handles, 2 sterling silver trays, and a really pretty silver napkin holder.

I have great plans for the trays. The beautiful brass tray is from India, and is really the perfect size for our credence table and our Mass kit! So beautiful, and I love that it has handles and is brass to match our Catechesis of the Good Shepherd items. The silver tray with handles is so pretty, and I think I’m going to use it with our tea set, but I reserve the right to change my mind again and again. And finally – the neat little wooden tray will be for Peanut’s materials on the Montessori shelves. It’s just the right size for him to lift and carry. I loved the decorative napkin holder, and I envision it holding different things – 3 part cards, beautiful artwork collections, an “inbox” on my desk?? There is much potential in all of these great treasures.

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