Breaking Through

A few months ago, my sister (who has an amazing eye for beauty as well as an amazing blog which you should really check out!) and I were talking and sharing our sense of mid-winter blah that had settled over us both.  We chatted.  All was well.

Later that day she sent me a link to a friend of hers that was trying to break into the music scene outside of Nashville, Audrey Assad.  Kim said, “this is THE music for us right now!”  At the time Audrey only had one single available – Winter Snow.  It was enough.  It was calm.  Soft.  Compelling.  Perfect for filling quiet wintry spaces. 

Audrey has an album out now – The House You’re Building.  It’s the same inspiring, soft, beautiful, amazing lyrics and music.  Audrey is a young Catholic artist with amazing talent, style, and voice.  Listen.  You’ll know.  Her album is available at itunes, and you can check her out more on youtube.

You were right, Kim.

It is THE music right now!

Happy listening!

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  1. I just want to thank you for all your posts I have read here so far.
    I am at the very beginning of my homeschooling journey and your blog is a tremendous help and inspiration to me. In my country (Poland)homeschooling is hardly a choice and perceived to be sheer craziness. There are very few people over here who have ever heard of homeschooling and even fewer who homeschool themselves. So thank you very much for all the help and encouragement I keep finding here.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words, Marta!

    This is one of those times the internet can be such a blessing keeping us all so connected!

    May God richly and generously bless you for your courageous decision to home educate!

  3. God works in such funny ways sometimes. I only found this post because I suddenly decided to check through all of my subscription posts and saw the picture of Audrey. Read your post, found some lovely songs by her on YouTube… Then, within minutes, had another “sudden” thought about an upcoming Christian concert here, when to our local Christian radio station's website to find out the information, and who should be the featured artist on the main page but Audrey Assad? (It changes each time you visit the site.)

    Thank you for bringing her to my attention! She has such a lovely voice and lovely songs.

  4. Note to self: Read before posting. My post should read “went to our local Christian radio…”, not “when”!

    Early bedtime for me tonight…

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