Audrey Assad :: Heart

Audrey has a new single released and available on itunesSPARROW.  It’s a delight as all of Audrey’s music is!  Her new album, HEART, is set to release February 14, 2012.

If you don’t have The House You’re Building yet, now is the time!  Her Live from SoHo album includes some new songs as well.

Have you met Audrey yet?  An upward rising Catholic singer and songwriter, her voice is captivating and her thoughtful lyrics give voice to inward thoughts in ways that are surprising, comforting, uplifting and consoling.  She expresses her gift uniquely: melodies and lyrics are piercing in their sincerity, and comforting in their recognition of common suffering.  There is an echo one feels within their soul when listening to Audrey’s thoughtful and moving lyrics.  The arrangements range from melancholic to truly inspiring and upbeat.  Genuinely lovely.

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  1. I bought her CD after you mentioned her on your blog once before. I love her music! I didn't understand your enthusiasm at first because I couldn't understand/hear the lyrics, but I loved the music. I persisted in listening and I also read the lyrics. I am captivated and her songs resignate with me. I will be waiting in anticipation for her new album. It feels great to be excited about a Catholic artist the way I did about some secular artists a while back.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation! I finally got around to sampling her music on iTunes yesterday and I liked it a lot. I bought her first album and I'm definitely looking forward to the new one.

    (and if you get two comments from me, I apologize – the first one didn't go to a confirmation screen so I wasn't sure if it went through or not)

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