No, not the birds, me! I can’t seem to open the fridge without wiping something down. Yesterday, I moved my rocking chair back to our bedroom, in anticipation of sweet moments spent there with little Katie Elizabeth, and when I walked back through the living room, I saw them…dust bunnies. That’s how it started yesterday. The entire house had to be vacuumed, under the couch, under and around the fish tank, in the dryer lint trap, inside drawers – everywhere! Thank goodness Sweet Pea helped me with much of the vacuuming. Then, I figured if we had just done a thorough vacuuming, now would be a good time to mop the kitchen. Seems like solid logic doesn’t it? Someone (Sparkly assisted by Peanut) spilled lemonade down the counter, into the cabinets and onto the tile floor. That was a few weeks ago. The counter and cabinets were cleaned, but the kitchen floor was in dire need of a mopping. It got one yesterday!!!! We cleared the kitchen, and started. I love the smell of Murphy’s Wood Soap! It has a clean smell that isn’t overpowering or some sort of fake lemon smell. I mopped part of the kitchen, and Sweet Pea finished for me. At this point, I had definitely done too much because my nerve problems in my back were acting up so badly that I had to shuffle around with a chair in order to stand up. But, I couldn’t stop myself. It felt so good to see the house cleaner that it had been in the last 9 months! I re-organized the kitchen, washed rocking chair cushions, cleaned the downstairs toy stash, wiped down the counters in my bathroom, wiped out the fridge, took a toothbrush and scrubbed the inside rails of the dishwasher (don’t ask me how these got cruddy, but they did and it grosses me out.) I was cleaning like a woman gone mad yesterday!!! I still managed to get the kid’s laundry done and dinner on the table. I thought I was done…then I saw all of the dust on the dressers and side tables and mantle and everywhere…dusting – haven’t gotten to that yet! And the tops of the fans, and the glass light fixtures with bugs in them, and then there is that bag that is yet to be packed to go to the hospital. I really do need to pack a bag…sometime. But, I bet I’ll be dusting first! 🙂

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