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Erin – this post is for you 🙂 Erin writes:

“Love your pink nappies. Look so pretty. What brand are they? Are you happy with the brand?

Btw I notice you have two sidebars again, I remember you posting eons ago on how to do so, I followed the link but couldn’t work it out. I was wondering if you could take the time at some stage to explain it in easier language, pretty please.”

I really should have linked to my cloth diapers in my Simple Woman’s Daybook post earlier, but I forgot. Oops

Cloth Diapers

I’ve been cloth diapering since Sweet Pea came along – with varying levels of consistency. Sweet Pea was almost exclusively swaddled in a flannel fitted diaper with waterproof covers on over them. Both of the boys were in those same diapers. I got them out for the little doodlebug and looked at them after washing. They were quite sad. The flannel was threadbare, and the velcro attachments which I never liked were non-existent.

I bought some pretty, new diapers for the doodlebug. Here’s what I ended up with:

Swaddlebees All In Ones – A great diaper! I love that they snap on the sides and that everything is attached to the diaper. They fit trimly which is great for little girls to wear under pretty little bloomers – my other cloth/pocket diapers won’t fit under bloomers. These are the diapers pictured above. I have 8. I did learn that you have to wash these several times before they are completely absorbent. Once I did that, I didn’t have a problem with leaks.

Fuzzi Bunz Pocket Diapers – I love these diapers, too and I have 6 of them. I alternate with the Swaddlebees and Fuzzi Bunz during the day, but these are my overnight diapers. The pocket allows me to stuff them to fit the baby’s needs. I use a Microfiber stuff and a Hemp Heiny stuffing for overnight – she doesn’t leak at all in spite of nursing through the night! I very much like the snaps on the side that allow a very custom fit (and the pretty pink!)

Happy Heinys Pocket Diaper – Another very nice diaper. I was concerned about the velcro, but I wanted to try one velcro/aplix closure diaper. I like it. It’s another good night time diaper for stuffing. I only tried a couple of these – it’s my husband who really likes them…because of the name!! Seriously!!

Ask me any more questions in the comment section…I’ll be happy to answer there too!

Blogger blog with 2 sidebars

How’d I do it? Well, I hacked into my own code once and had the 2 sidebars for awhile. It can be done, but I felt like I used so much of my time fidgeting and getting it just right. Then I was never happy with the theme anyway, so if I changed the look or theme of the blog, I’d lose my code for the extra sidebar. So…I paid Michelle at Shabby Creations to add the sidebars and update the look of my blog for me! It was so easy to work with her. Here are her design themes. She has an ala’ carte page of ordering choices that I chose from.

I’m off to check on the yummy smelling roast turkey that I did actually manage to get into the oven this afternoon!!! Dinner at my house at 6!

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  1. Thanks Jenn:)I’ve been checking out the nappies. I’m impressed that they have the covers with the nappies. Looked at Shabby Creations, I take it you purchased the 3 blog column?I’m so touched I got a whole post for me:)

  2. Happy to have an excuse to discuss the finer points of Happy Heiny’s and Fuzzi Bunz 🙂 Yes, this is my first foray into cover and diaper being attached – the All In One – I’m loving it!!!I did purchase the 3 column blog from Shabby Creations.I wasn’t sure if any of these options were available to you in Australia or not, but certainly something along these lines?Happy planning for that wee one, Erin! Prayers to you from across the ocean.

  3. Hi, can you send me the link to each one of the diapers!! It takes me to the main website and I am not good with the internet:)) I am preparing for baby number six the end of July!!!! Pray for me and the new one!!

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