No Naps Today

I can say this with certainty. A few minutes ago, Peanut slinked around the corner smiling sheepishly. My mommy radar was alarming wildly.

Me…”Peanut, what are you doing?”

Peanut squirming and looking away…”nuffin”

Me…”Peanut, come here.”

Peanut very slowly shuffled forward. I could see a translucent brown smeared all around his face – around his mouth, down his chin, across his cheeks. I asked…”Peanut, what have you been eating?”

Peanut, now grinning wildly and quite proudly…”Your toffee mommy. It was berry yummy”

As he spoke I could smell it – overpowering me – coffee. Strong, caffeinated coffee.

Note to self…remember to pick half full coffee cup off of the table when distracted by explosive poopy diapers.

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