Delirious With Possibilities

I know I mentioned in one of my previous posts that life has been utterly chaotic, but I am giddy at the thought of planning for the next school year. Windows are flung open and spring is rushing in. The birds can be heard chirping and the wind chimes are always singing up here on this windy hill of ours.

I have a hundred ideas hopping around in my head. I can’t wait to clear off the shelves in the learning room, dusting as I go. I’ll remove all of our materials and most of the furniture in the room. I will neatly bind together all of the work completed over the year. We will bid farewell to many of our books that have been read and enjoyed. All will leave save the summer books and projects each child will enjoy. Empty and void of distractions, I’ll begin to ponder our needs for next year – more light, more beauty, different organization. I will carefully consider the placement of desks, nature shelf, maps, resource center. I need to address many of the layout issues that I encountered this year. I need to make this room work more for me. Book centers will be tidied up. Montessori shelves will be cleared. Then, over the summer, I will add back in a deliberate way all that will be needed for the next year. I love thinking about the visual presentation in the learning room. It is a delight to the eyes when all is settled and in its place at the beginning of the new school year.

I am getting ready to do my planning over the summer and doing a complete overhaul of the way I organize and plan my year. I cannot plan in an untidy area. It’s just a weird character flaw I have. I must have visual order, or I’m completely distracted. This emptying and tidying of the learning room must be accomplished before any serious planning takes place.

So…2 more weeks of school. Then…I begin to empty and lay open the potential that awaits a new year of learning. How delicious!

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  1. Jen – kindred spirits at work again. I do exactly the same thing – I cannot work or plan in a mess. I empty all the shelves and cabinets to the basement. Except I cannot start doing this for a while – still too much of this year left!!

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