The Easiest Way to Get Your 5 Fruits and Veggies a Day

I have wanted a Vitamix ever since my Mom got one about a year ago. Rob bought one for me for Easter. We bought a reconditioned one from their website. We have all been enjoying this so much! We have had a fruit smoothie every day, either for breakfast or lunch or both. The other day I accidentally made ice cream for breakfast. The kids thought that was great, and couldn’t wait to tattle on me to Daddy.

All children, knocking each other over to get to Rob first, “Daddy, guess what? Mommy gave us ice cream for breakfast!”

Rob, with eyebrow raised in disbelief, “What?”

Me, trying to defend myself, “I accidentally put too much ice in the Vitamix this morning.”

The *ice cream* consisted of a cup of organic strawberry yogurt, a big handful of frozen strawberries, SILK organic soymilk, and (apparently too many) ice cubes. It was sooo yummy, and a smidge cold on a chilly morning, but I can’t wait to make it again on a hot summer afternoon.

How cool is that? Ice cream in 2 minutes in the Vitamix! It makes soup, ice cream, fruit smoothies, salsa, pureed veggies for baby food, and lots more! All from healthy ingredients from my kitchen! I’m loving it!

For my first fruit smoothie, I cut the apple and orange in half and threw it in the machine, but ever since then, I’ve just been tossing the whole fruit in there! Takes about 2 minutes – and we have a really yummy fruit smoothie!

What an awesome addition to my whole foods arsenal!

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  1. My favorite recipe is soap bubbles. Nevermind the silly vitamix recipe (just five drops of detergent.. please) five teaspoons, hi speed, wheee

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