A Day in the Life of the Littlest

I’m sorry we couldn’t come for the weekend, Mom! I know you’re all so anxious to see the little Cricket and cuddle her. The kids and I put this pictorial together for all of you – hopefully it will hold you until we can visit next. I know it’s not the same, but…

I wake up in a happy mood, smiling and cooing.

Here I am all dressed in pink and ready for the day.

Mom puts me in my carseat so I can gaze at the lights and look around while everyone else gets their breakfast.

Mommy can’t wait to blog about her new Vitamix! She makes a smoothie for breakfast while Sparkly visits with me.

It’s schooltime! Sometimes I sit in my swing, but usually mommy just holds me while the big kids do their lessons.

I love my big sister! She helps Mommy so much by holding me and rocking me and sometimes even changing my diapers. Look, we’re both in pink!

And, I love my big brothers too! Sparkly is so attentive to me, and is very protective just like a big brother should be. Peanut is amazed at how tiny I am. He loves to kiss my tiny fingers, and everyone loves my teeny tiny toes!!!

Whew! After a long day, I’m tired. I love it when Daddy comes home. He has the best shoulder for snugging down for a nap. I’ll just stay right here until it’s time for bed. I miss you Nanny, and Papa, UC and AK! I can’t wait for you to see how much I’ve grown!

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  1. Okay first of all your littlest is ADORABLE Jen!! And second… I love raw potatoes too! As I’m cubing them for soup: five for the pot, one for me, five for the…

  2. I can’t wait to see and snuggle her! She has grown so much and is of course beautiful, like her older sister and brothers and mom and dad. The pictures are great. Thank you for finding the time to post them. Miss and love all of you so much.

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