Little People in the Kitchen

My children love to be with me in the kitchen. I love this time. Sometimes, I need for them to express themselves culinarily (is that a word?) in a space not so much underfoot though. I confess I tend to get flustered quite easily when all the children are swirling around me in the kitchen and I’m attempting to make something edible. Those are the moments when 1 teaspoon turns into 4 Tablespoons – of salt! Yuck! 🙂 Peanut really enjoys mixing and scooping and pretending – things all little people enjoy. I thought a play kitchen would be a nice addition to my kitchen and provide a place for Peanut and the other kids to “cook” whilst I did something that resembled cooking on the other side of the room.

I have wanted to have a small toy kitchen for the children for some time. I waffled back and forth unable to decide which toy kitchen – wooden or plastic? Step 2 makes some really cool play kitchens, but I was lacking in space in the house. I’m more and more of the opinion that less is more. I love surrounding my children with beautiful things, objects that light up the imagination. I have been eyeing this one from Nova Natural for over a year, and thanks to our tax refund this is the one we bought. They are made by hand in Maine, all the edges rounded, all screws covered with little wooden plugs, very solidly built. I opted for a few small enamelware dishes and some little wooden toy foods made by Haba to complete the kitchen. Our summer plans include making some small felt foods.

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  1. What beautiful toys! We have a plastic kitchen set and the kids do love it, but one like yours would have been such a wonderful investment. I love the idea of making felt food–what a fun project that would be! It’s going on my list!Warmly,Eileen

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