Happy Easter (and a few pictures of the baby)

I don’t need to tell you how difficult it is to get everyone dressed nicely, shirts tucked, hair brushed, everyone together in one place, and standing still for a picture. I planned on having everyone pose for this picture before Easter Sunday Mass. I thought the picture came out very well 🙂

For Easter we were so blessed to be able to attend a High Latin Mass. It was so beautiful! How fortunate we are to have a wonderful priest that can offer this beautiful Mass for us, and that our local Catholics are very supportive. My prayers are for Father – his stamina as he makes great sacrifices on our behalf to be able to offer this reverent Mass, and that one day soon we would have this Mass available to us on a regular basis.

For a little while, you’ll have to endure me in the pictures with little Cricket. Sweet Pea took this picture of our adorable little Cricket adorned in her pink dress before Easter Sunday Mass. Cricket still smiles a lot, and is rolling from side to side (with a little help from her big brother sometimes,) and is just generally adorable to us! She chirps, especially when she’s ready to eat. God has gifted us with a very sweet and easy baby. She’ll be 1 month old this Wednesday. Sweet Pea is a big help, holding her baby sister and sometimes even changing dirty diapers. The boys are completely in love with her, especially Sparkly! He cuddles her, is very protective, and is in awe of her smallness. He is such a gentle and sensitive little soul with a very soft spot for all babies. And Peanut? Well…

…he is quite attentive as well. He can’t resist rocking the baby when she is in her cradle. A little explanation first. This cradle is (how old Mom?) maybe 60+ years old???? I know my Grandfather made it for my Granny and their first child I think. How old are you Uncle Ray? Anyhow, it’s been around for a while. It does rock, but its rocking mechanism isn’t very smooth anymore. It’s more of a controlled jolting. I have tried *in vain* to communicate this to Peanut. The other day I got the baby down for a nap and began trying to get a few chores done while she slept. I was only around the corner for a minute to do laundry. I came back to find Peanut “rocking/jolting” the cradle and the (once peacefully asleep) baby back and forth. Cricket was rolling from her side to her stomach and Peanut was smiling proudly. He matter of factly let me know that the baby needed “help sheeping.” I lunged to stop the cradle. Poor Cricket. She was just as indulgent and good-natured as ever though, she went right back to sleep.

More pictures of the baby soon…for now I’ve got to get back to the laundry!

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  1. Is that an actual attempted non-goofball smile on der sparkli’s face!? And a non pout from peanut?! (Sweetpea of course is as pretty and photogenic as you’d expect) The astronomical unlikeliness of it all makes me think that either photoshop or chocolate were instrumental here, perhaps both.Great picture, Jen. Love you all

  2. I wish I could give you all a BIG HUG. Miss you and can hardly wait to meet my newest great niece.Waiting for more post from our little Equestrian.LOVE YA’LL

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