33 1/2 weeks along…6 1/2 weeks to go!

The last few weeks have been busy, with Sweet Pea turning 11! Peanut turning 3! Christmas! My anniversary! It has been a welcome busy-ness, but I’m ready for a bit of quiet. Time to re-connect with each of the kids. Time to enjoy spontaneous fun. And time to make some practical preparations for the arrival of our littlest. I am trying to have peace about the delivery of this child, but I confess that I am troubled by a few health issues I have that seem to have things unsettled.

Jesus, I trust in you!

Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection, implored your help, and sought your intercession was left unaided!

The children are increasingly excited about their new little sister, and delighted that they will be able to hold her soon. I have been making some postpartum plans for the kids – schoolwise mostly. It feels good to have some plans on paper, and sort of feel like I know where I’m going (hopefully God won’t re-direct us too much.) Because I was so sick at the beginning of the schoolyear, and was physically unable to do anything, much less school, I really don’t have the luxury of a long break after the baby comes. So it is comforting to have some plans in place.

We’re really cruising now in terms of our work and lessons, and the children are at last thriving on that much needed routine. Our Montessori presentations and work have been providing abundant fruits, and Sparkly especially has been enjoying these. He is really loving working with the golden bead chain of 1000. Sweet Pea is at last working to her potential. She really seems to need me to be present, attentive, and offering accountability in order to do her best work. Duh! I was in such a fog the first half of the year. Thank you God for opening my eyes to her needs! And the Peanut? Well, he always seems to be in crisis right when there is some quiet, focused work going on. Or at the exact time I think I have 10 minutes of time to steal to read. But, there are more and more times when he wants to do “his own work,” pulls out a mat, and quietly sits and works whilst we all stand around him…mouths gaping! 🙂

My resolution for the year was to be content. And I truly am! I am content that this wasn’t the most productive schoolyear academically, and that I was barely functional some days. I think it was a valuable lesson for my children to see how precious a little life is, and how much Rob and I are willing to suffer for it. I’m content that my laundry room is so small I can no longer fit in there with the dryer door open. I’m content to have chubby cheeks for a little while longer. I’m completely content surrounded by my family. God is good! Pray for the little one over the next few weeks, beg Our Lady for a safe and healthy delivery.

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  1. I enjoyed your post and pictures! I got tickled as I was reading the last few sentences … the dryer thing and the chubby cheeks! Love it! I feel so much the same way and enjoying the last few weeks.God bless you! Our prayers are with you!

  2. Yea! “Countdown mode” and a content heart! Your post was beautiful, Jennifer. I KNEW you’d come through with flying colors and a completely grateful heart….you are an inspiration!!!!Now….about those pretty little diaper wipes…..LOL!

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