Things that make me feel spring

I love spring. I know we’re rounding the corner to summer, but I’m giving myself permission to believe it’s still spring for another month – even if the temperatures try to tell me otherwise. In light of my exceeding generosity to myself, I’ve decided to make a list of my favorite spring things – things that really make me feel like I’m living spring.

  • Butterflies
  • Sound of Music CD – we love to listen to Julie Andrews singing as we clean or anytime we’re blue – that whole CD just makes us happy!
  • Anne of Green Gables CD – can’t you just imagine you’re crossing the “white way to light?”
  • New homeschool supplier catalogs – so much potential in the thought of a new year – sort of like a brand new box of pencils!! Nothing smells sweeter!
  • Open windows
  • Wildflowers popping up all over the place
  • Happy spring frocks – I love the drape of a soft dress – it’s like being set free from the prison of corduroy and wool from the winter
  • Bubbles floating past my kitchen window as the kids blow and blow their bubbles (dumping half of it on the sidewalk and driveway)
  • The smell of freshly cut grass
  • The way my husband obsesses over hummingbird food
  • The Mockingbirds that always build a nest around our kitchen windows (this year it’s in the honeysuckle vines)
  • Irises in my moms yard
  • Chalk murals gracing the driveway
  • Outside toys all over the yard – my husband likes to fuss about this – but I love the “kids live here” look
  • My new lawnmower. A gift from my mom, dad, sis, and brother. What irony if you knew how much I hated mowing as a child. But I love this little mower, and so do the kids.
  • Haircuts on the deck
  • Bluebirds bringing their fledglings up to the water bath for a quick dip
  • Walking out my front door and having a zillion hummingbirds nearly embed their beak in my temple. Those little suckers are serious about getting to their food.
  • The tadpoles that are now living in my favorite back deck water fountain bowl. It’s amazing how nothing is sacred in the homeschoolers home. These were a gift from Nanny and Papa’s Mary pond, but as we did some research on tadpoles, we discovered that these little suckers take 2 years to turn into frogs. Good grief! Now what? They’ve all been named! This is a post unto itself – more details later!!!
  • The potential of a new garden, so pretty and green with no weeds growing in it….yet!
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