4 and 4 Meme

I got tagged for a meme by Erin at Seven Little Australians.

I’m supposed to name 4 things about myself and 4 new things done in the last 4 years. Here goes…

4 things about myself:

1. I met my husband at Space Camp! We were both counselors there for the kids that come through the week long programs. That was 17 years ago – the rest is history! We still love space stuff! Those are good memories.

2. I love pink, lacy, girly things. I can’t help it – I’m a sucker for toile, lace curtains, pearls, perfume. My house would look like a Victorian magazine exploded on it if left to my own devices…I restrain myself though. My husband wouldn’t come home to pretty pink striped wallpaper and toile curtains.

3. I’m an Anne of Green Gables junkie – seriously! If I could, I’d wrap us all up and move in with Holly Pierlot who lives on PEI – how cool is that – I would!

4. I fluster very easily in the kitchen! Especially when my entire family is in there and talking at the same time! There is limited workspace in my kitchen, and when Sparkly is orbiting around me obsessing about something, and Peanut is scaling the bake center, and my dearest Sweet Pea is needing me to gently instruct her in the domestic arts, and my adoring husband is “helping”….I just lose my cool! Isn’t that awful? I’m working on being a gentler, more patient mommy cause’ I’d love more little people flitting about in there! Nothing would make me happier! But, I guess that would be thing #5, and I was only supposed to list 4.

4 New Things Done in the Last 4 Years:

1. Peanut!

2. Started praying the family Rosary all together! What a blessing that has brought to our family!!!

3. Made some MAJOR changes in the way we eat, and the way I cook. Whew! We’ve got a long way to go there, but these changes have been so good for us! Pun intended!

4. I made it through a year and a half of braces, crowns and oral surgery! Ugh! Words cannot possibly express to you how much I hate the dentist and her cohorts. Nor can they express how much I love my dear husband for providing the means for me to have a nice smile. 🙂

This was fun, thanks for tagging me Erin! Now, I tag…
1. Kim
2. Kristen
3. Jordan

I’m certain I’m supposed to tag more people, but Erin tagged everyone I knew! 🙂

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  1. I loved your Meme! They were very interesting..I can relate to your love of Anne of Green Gables and it is for that very reason I’m a proud Anne – with – an – e! I’d love to visit PEI (visit not live, ’cause I live in the hot part of OZ and couldn’t handle the coooold!)I get flusted in my kitchen too, I would make a shocking chef…

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