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I just wanted to give you an official invitation to check out my new site!  Just click on over if you’re reading via email or reader and let me know what you think! {The site isn’t perfect in terms of design, but it’s definitely good enough to give me a running start!}

I was starting to outgrow my space {and capabilities} at my wordpress.com website, so Julie {fabulousblogging.com} helped me move my entire site {all 9 years of it!} over to wordpress.org. And with a site like mine, I wanted to make sure the whole thing made it over! I’m so glad I asked Julie to help, and I’m super excited to take one of her upcoming courses! Moving my blog and taking Julie’s courses open up so many other possibilities for me – I can share so much more with you, and it allows me to really build on how and what I can share! I’m thrilled with the possibilities!

I spent some time considering how I was using my web space, and how I wanted to commit to it and use it more in the future – and the possibilities are really exciting to me! I’m looking forward to sharing more using periscope and videos, sharing more printables with you, I’m committed to working on reprinting my Mom’s book, and I’m excited to continue my planning series, my Morning Basket series, and many other topics you’ve requested! Speaking of…if you haven’t yet had a chance to read my latest post on temperaments and how it informs your intuitive planning style, I’d REALLY love to hear what you think!

So…I just wanted to welcome you to the new spaces! I’m so glad to have you here!


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    1. Yep! I’m definitely excited about all this new platform opens up! And I’m taking Julie’s Genesis course – I’m so excited about learning that framework! Truthfully, it was your blog when you moved with Julie that started me thinking about this whole process – so thank you!!!

  1. It got your trademark color, clarity and order. Bravo! Welcome to your new home and may it serve your ministry as what I see as a Titus 2 woman. Something our world has great need of it! Thank you for that gift!

  2. Jenn
    Just looks beautiful! So fresh and warm and oh just love it! 🙂

    So thrilled to hear you are going to republish and I daresay update your mum’s book!!
    and looking forward to seeing your new direction unfold, in particular periscopes and videos!
    Oh my!

    I switched to wordpress.org late last year, still feeling my way around. Hope you enjoy all it’s capabilities;-)

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