“oooooh – he’s determinated!”

Daddy, thinking he could get out of burying another dead fish, chunked him in the trash can in the dark of the night. The children, however, found out. Sparkly was most seriously displeased. DJ would need to be given a proper burial next to Mrs. The King. He was thusly removed from the gigantic, smelly, outdoor trash can where he had been for 2 days. Yuck. When Rob removed him (he was at least in a ziploc bag) Sweet Pea cried out “oooooooooooooh – he already determinated.” Huh? Rob questioned “Do you mean ‘decomposed?'” 🙂

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  1. Oh Jenny 🙂 I just now read this – it made me laugh out loud and every time I think of it I chuckle again. My dear, dear Robby. How COULD you think such barbaric treatment of DJ would be acceptable!?! Has the fuzzy-flushing episode of 2004/5 been so soon forgotten?~ love you all

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