Simple Notes from Full Days

Full.  Defined by Websters as:  completely filled; containing all that can be held; filled to utmost capacity: a full cup.  

Or a full schedule.

It’s just been that kind of summer.  Not crazy.  Not frenetic.  Just full.  Considered.  Blessed.  And it will continue to be….until mid August when my little sister gets married.  I cannot believe it.  Married.  Just saying it makes me smile.

Much of the fullness in our lives right now involves getting organized and planning for all of us to be involved in this joyful day!

So this will be a random post with a few thoughts and pictures from all our fullness….

Scrumptious Summer Salads
With the crazy heat here, we’ve been eating a lot of salads….like my favorite: the super simple and delicious caprese salad.  (That scrumptious basil is from my garden!  Wish I could say the same about the tomatoes.  sigh.)  Don’t you just want to sit down with a fork and a big glass of tea and eat this?

Classic Caprese Salad
As a rule, a good Caprese salad involves the absolute freshest ingredients you can find!  

1 – 2 medium slicing tomatoes
Fresh basil
Fresh mozzarella – you can find this with the nicer cheeses in the market.

Slice the tomatoes and mozzarella and layer on a platter with the basil leaves.  Drizzle with a very good olive oil, a little balsamic vinegar, and a good salt!  Hide in the bathroom with a fork and a glass of iced tea and eat the entire thing, and then go prepare another platter for the rest of your family!  🙂

The Kitchen Potager
Our little kitchen potager was zapped by the heat – it’s really so sad, but alas, vegetables don’t enjoy growing in prolonged temperatures over 110 degrees.  Go figure!  Still, we’ve been nurturing our berries along…

And even with full days, I can sometimes carve out time for afternoon treats: reading the latest Gilbert magazine (published by the American Chesterton society) with cafe au’ lait, cream puffs, and fresh raspberries from my garden.  Scrumptious!  (ahem….doesn’t everyone read Chesterton with cream puffs?)

Backyard Pool Time
Enough said.

Peanut flying through the air as the pool fills.

Summer Conferences
I had such a great time enjoying my summer conferences!  I really count it as one of the highlights of my summer – meeting all of you, visiting with you, sharing!  I loved every minute of it and made so many new friends as well as just delighting in time spent with old friends!

In case you’re interested, I shared all of the workshop resources from my conference talks on my sister-site, Wildflowers and Marbles: The Paper Stuff.

I don’t believe that any of the talks were recorded at the Montgomery conference, but all of my talks were recorded in Denver. I’m not sure if they’re available yet, but when they are, you should be able to purchase them through the Rocky Mountain Home Educators Conference web site.

Just a delight!!!!

Back to lessons
We started back to school 3 weeks ago.  I sure do hope to get some posts up for you soon with our booklists and a few thoughts about our early progress this year – starting with my little preschooler.  Everyone wonders about preschool and littles in the learning spaces, and it’s really just all about reading aloud and enjoying those things that naturally cross your path each day!  I’ll share all soon!

The year so far has really been great considering how full life has been!  I am feeling so grateful – I usually have to live our lesson plans for a couple of weeks and do some tweaking as we live them…so that they fit and are more realistic.  But not this year.  Other than a few small changes, the plans have been singing right out of the gate!  I feel blessed with that one!

3rd grade books
11th grade books
7th grade books – with post it flags to clearly designate how many pages to read each day.
My little preschooler hard at work at her new table!
The boys enjoy reading together about Lewis and Clark – our geography focus for the year.

So….now you know what we’ve been up to in these delightfully full days!  I’m eager to live them out with as much grace as I can manage to cooperate with and then guard our time and enjoy days full of quiet and relaxing for a little bit.

I hope you’re all enjoying the fullness of summer.  I’ll be back here sharing more wildflowers and marbles soon!
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  1. Hi Jen! I love the idea about the post it's with the number of pages to read. Makes it easier than checking the chart/lesson plans every time! Can you tell us where you found Doodlebug's table? We've been in search of new school furniture. Thanks!

  2. could you also do a post on the art supplies in the background of the boys'table area? How to you make art supplies available and pleasing to the eye?

    Thank you,

  3. Ahhhhhhhh. It's so wonderful to get a fresh post from you, Jen!!! I'm already inspired!!! Can't wait for more!!! So happy you've had a blessedly full summer and many prayers that you'll “school year” will continue to be a delight.

    White Oak,PA

  4. We also started school three weeks ago; and I feel quite fortunate that our new scheduling process seems to be making our lives much easier this year.

  5. Hi Jen,
    It was so fun to meet you in Denver!
    I am not sure that anyone else reads Chesterton anD eats cream puffs but I am sure he would approve!
    I get such a punch of energy after reading your posts. Thanks for sharing!
    Teresa F

  6. I love the bird/numbers on the wall behind your preschooler's desk. Where did you get them?

    Looking forward to reading more about how school is going!

  7. Such a lovely post! It looks like a great summer, and I am glad for you that all your school choices are going well so far.

  8. Caprese Salad is possibly one of my most favorite things about summer! We don't have our garden set up yet, but hopefully next year! I haven't been able to find any conferences to go to yet, but never thought to look for the recordings. Thank you for the idea!

  9. “I love the bird/numbers on the wall behind your preschooler's desk. Where did you get them?

    I would like to echo that question. I think it is Charly Harper's work?

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