Homeschooling All the Way Through: High School

Are you homeschooling through high school?  Getting close to high school?  Starting to panic?  Wondering if this is possible…because you’ve given up hope that it will be enjoyable?  I have fantastic and encouraging news for you!
First of all, homeschooling in high school has been one of our favorite experiences of all our years of home education!  It’s been rich, rewarding and blessed.  It has been full of rich discussion, fantastic literature and deepening resources!  It has truly been a time for encouraging a young person into adulthood, encouraging responsibility, and finding great joy in being able to be alongside of it all!
Homeschooling High School hasn’t been without its share of questions though; there is a little bit of a learning curve!  And that’s where my second bit of great news comes in!
Erin, at Seven Little Australians, has seen this need to support other homeschoolers that are approaching or already surviving enjoying homeschool in the high school years, and she’s organized the Homeschool High School Carnival.  She’s enlisted a number of fantastic contributors to act as hostesses and a really great selection of topics that should bring encouragement and refreshment through shared ideas on topics pertinent to the experience of homeschooling in high school.  I’m excited to be among the other fantastic homeschooling moms and contribute to this blog carnival!
I bet you’re as eager to get started as we are!  Our first carnival will be published in early September! The topic you ask?
The Wide View

The Wide View….  How does your family’s ‘big picture’/goals/educational philosophy affect/guide your planning and translate into what your high schoolers do on a daily/weekly basis?  Do you generalize or specialize?

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?  And it’s sure to bring that big picture perspective we’re all looking for at this time of year in addition to walking those details down into a good picture of the rubber meeting the road on a daily basis!  And what’s great about this carnival is that you can read (and sometimes see) how this looks across a varied and wide spectrum of families – families with different philosophies and methods.
Should be a fantastic carnival for getting started!  Be sure to check the Homeschool High School Carnival website for more information, and I’ll see you all in September for a “wide view” glimpse into our high school days.
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  1. Hi Jen, I have a silly and totally unrelated to high school question for you. Will all the wonderful things in the school room, how do you manage to dust them all? That's a big problem here, trying to keep the dust at bay. I really shouldn't worry, but with allergies… Thanks for any input you have 🙂

  2. Well that IS an unexpected question/comment for this post, Kelly! But it's also a really good one!

    I'll tell you how I dust in the learning spaces:

    1) Weekly visible and surface dusting. I delegate this chore to a child and they dust tops of things, books and fronts of shelves using Swiffer Dusters. These are great at *grabbing* dust so it's not floating around the room. I have a child that is VERY sensitive to dust with allergies associated with it, and these work pretty well at not stirring things up for her.

    I give littler children a bag of plain, unscented wipes and let them wipe down their own shelves, tables, chairs, etc.

    A bag of wipes and Swiffer dusters keep things pretty manageable in the learning spaces. And then….

    2) End-of-Term dusting. At the end of each 12 week term I refresh the shelves (sometimes I do this more often, but always at the end of a term). I take things off shelves, move things around, and do a good general dusting of all shelves. At this time I usually take my vacuum cleaner attachment and just give all the tops of the books a good swish.

    That's our dusting routine, Kelly! 🙂 Thanks for asking!

  3. We are home schooling all five children all the way through!! Wouldn't have it any other way. Who could give this blessing up to others?? I cannot. I know God has trusted their education to my husband and I and I am grateful each and every day.
    PS Love your science nook!!
    Peace and Raw Health,

  4. Jen: Can you tell us what microscope you use? I'd love to hear your experience in how you selected what you have. We have a pretty simple model just now – but are looking to upgrade.


  5. Haha, Kelly– that is what I always wonder when looking at these lovely learning spaces! Thank you for the reply, Jen! I love love love this blog and refer to it often; my oldest is only ten but am already looking forward to the high school years! -Faith

  6. Thank you for the many inspirations that you have given me. We have take your recommendation on so many different books and resources that I can no longer count them up!

    Regarding the Homeschool High School Carnival, do you know how we can “subscribe” to this? I tried adding it to my blog list and it gave a crazy message. 😀 We aren't quite ready for high school yet (my only is close in age to your Sparkly), but my husband and I need encouragement for that time.

    Thank you for all you do, and for allowing us to share in your life!


  7. I'm late in answering questions, but thought I'd take a minute tonight!


    Liz asked:

    >> Can you tell us what microscope you use? I'd love to hear your experience in how you selected what you have. << It's an excellent question, Liz, and I'm afraid my answer won't help you out much. My Dad is a professor of Microbiology, and the microscope was a cast off from one of his labs. It is an old scope (as in probably 20+ years old), but it's a good basic scope. In case you're interested, it's an old Bausch and Lomb. We use it all the time, and are very grateful for it. It is reliable and works well. In general, my advice in shopping for a microscope is to purchase the best one your family can afford. It is frustrating to look under a scope, to search and search for your specimen, only to be rewarded with a half-focused image. ——————————————– we3ernes asked: >> Regarding the Homeschool High School Carnival, do you know how we can “subscribe” to this? << I'm sorry to say that I don't know how to subscribe to it. But I will ask Erin who is coordinating this effort and post back here if I find something out!

  8. Jen: Thanks for the response – I agree with the “best you can afford” advice – we'll shop around.

    Take care,


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