Peanut’s not a baby anymore

Well, we put it off long enough. We finally bought a bed this weekend for the Peanut. Rob got the bed at Costco – just a mattress. They carry brand names, and we thought surely this would be ok. He didn’t need anything plush. Sweet Pea and Peanut and I stayed home and dissassembled all the baby furniture. Sweet Pea was very disturbed by this 🙁 Anyhow, we set up the bed frame, and were ready with the new setup in the room when daddy arrived home with the new bed and a bunky board (thin -2″ – replacement for box springs – makes the whole bed not so high in case we ever bunk the boys beds.) We put the bunky board in place, then ripped open the plastic wrapping on the mattress. UGH! The smell very literally knocked us all over. We aired on the front porch all day, soaked it in Febreeze – nothing helped. It smelled like hair perm x10. Well, needless to say, we weren’t about to put the little guy to bed on top of that noxious chemical bomb – so I started surfing the web. It didn’t take long to find out that Dow chemical had screwed up some batch of foam chemical – the foam that goes into several name brand beds. All (Dow chemical, EPA) insisted that sleeping on the mattresses should be ok. They were fairly certain that the off-gassing wasn’t toxic and would dissipate in a few months! Are you kidding? Rob made the command decision to load everyone into the van. He shoved the twin mattress into the van – so that it sat on top of the seats. All the kids had to crouch. Costco took back the Febreeze soaked mattress no questions asked. YAY!

We headed over to Mattress King, bought another brand of mattress, opened it up – NO SMELL AT ALL!! Praise be. The bed was set up, and Peanut loved his soft new nighty! Here he is in his new room – still downstairs in our gymnasium of a bedroom

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  1. I’m afraid I’m with Sweet Pea. No more baby bed for Peanut! Every time I see him he’s changed so much, and in these pictures he looks so grown-up.

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