A Favorite Thing – Music Time

This year has been rather full for us!  I have a wide age span in our learning spaces this year, and with older children I’ve been challenged to carve out moments of quiet with a toddler that does not yet know the meaning of the word.

Call me desperate, but I’ve found help from a unique and unexpected tool…

Daddy’s OLD Headphones and…Wee Sing!!!

Don’t you love those squishy cheeks???  LOL!!!
We’ve always enjoyed Wee Sing music, but this year I let Sweet Pea, our 9th grader, choose the particular music for the little people for the week.  She started with Wee Sing and it’s been such a hit!  Both the 5 year old and the 2 year old love them all!  The following are favorite CD’s:
Wee Sing Mother Goose (fantastic to coordinate with our reading of the Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes)
Other Catholic children’s music favorites here are:

Sing Bible Prayer Songs

Our music time is pretty informal…but as you can see, the Doodlebug loves her music time!

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  1. We have only We Sing America. All my children from 14 down love it as well as I. We are going to use it with our history lessons.

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