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  1. Dear Jen,

    It is an honor to meet you.
    If I knew how to access the email address, I would write you directly, however, I am inept. Therefore, since it was prayer that led me to you, prayer that I request from you, it is fitting to communicate with you in the Presence of Our Lady and Our Savior.

    I could go into detail, but I will get to the point. I wish you were here. I wish you could come to our home and help deliver us from the chaos of clutter and twaddle. I know I must do it, I WANT TO DO IT, but I am struggling – there is so much. Six of us (four children spaced about the same as yours)live in a two bedroom duplex…the paper, the books, the clothes, the toys are caving in upon me. I need to weed. And I need your wise spirit to help me. Please pray that I will see, know and do the task that stands before me with courage, wisdom and strength, so that good fruit may flourish.

    I read your post about the TOYS Saturday afternoon…it got the ball rolling! (A snowball mind you, it needs to get bigger as I roll it along!) I so appreciate your wisdom and guidance, and would be ever so grateful for your prayers.

    May God Bless you and keep you, always…

    Sincerely yours in Christ,


    PS – I Googled: Catholic Charlotte Mason, and found you; we have a young lady on her way into highschool and I needed help! God provided – Praise Be!

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