Wordless Wednesday

Well…ok…almost wordless.  LOL!!!  This is the fab four spending a few minutes outside in the early mornings on their new swingset.  The last swingset was retired because of structural issues, so Rob got this one for the kids and spent the last week and a half building it.  He would appreciate it, if in the future, I would not modify the design of a straightforward project with my creative notions and requests…like, “it can’t be that hard to move the rock climbing wall to the backside and put the second slide up front, can it?”  LOL!!!  I’m making no promises!

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  1. what a wonderful swing set with some nifty bells and whistles. I have to chuckle about you changing the design. It's our prerogative right? and a lovely big backyard too.

  2. Love it! It took my husband about a month to put up our playset last fall due to his traveling, etc. But the kids LOVE it and spend time playing on it all the time!

  3. LOL! Yes, there's something to be said for just “following the directions” isn't there? LOL! Poor Rob and his crazy-creative-idea-filled-wife!

    Looks GREAT!

    And, have you ever actually succeeded in a Wordless-Wednesday? *grin*

  4. >> And, have you ever actually succeeded in a Wordless-Wednesday? *grin* << LOL!!!!!!! No, I don't think so. Not once. In fact, I hardly do them…because it's so hard to be….wordless! LOL!!!!!!!! Maybe I should practice more. LOL!!!

  5. That looks like a really fun swing set! We set one up a few years ago in the back yard, but it hasn't gotten much use ever since last summer when the kids found a live wasp nest under the slide! Now they're afraid to go anywhere near it, even though the wasps are long gone.

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