Baby Ducks

It is beautiful and we are outside again! On one of our walks this weekend, we discovered baby ducks in the pond down the road. The children were thrilled when the ducks came waddling as fast as they could up the hill to greet them and beg for food. Obligingly, the kids trucked up the long hill to our house, grabbed handfuls of leftover bread and ran back down to the pond to feed the ducks. The ducks are adorable, and of course the first thing out of Sparkly’s mouth was, “can one of them be mine?”

The grass is tall across the street from us, and it looks like praire grass when it waves in the breeze. Many killdeer call it home and nest in there we discovered. It was interesting to watch mama killdeer fuss at us as the children (unknowingly) disturbed the birds from their nesting places. We didn’t see any nests though – maybe soon.

It is always such a joy to get back out in nature after the winter thaw!

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