The Loveliness of Spring or Reason #4,592 we homeschool

We decided that it was ridiculous to take a summer break when the temps outside can reach 100 (heat index) and the humidity is suffocating. The spring is when we want to be out of doors. The temperature is beautiful, and there are so many things to be done. We all agreed, that we would rather do school a little longer into the summer (God willing we’ll end around May 18 this year) and take off a really looooonnnnnnggggg spring break. I think we’ll take off through the Octave of Easter. Well, that frees us up to do all sorts of wonderful things and really be a part of this lovely spring.

Today we decided to start our gardens. We stopped at this little general store, the kind that still sells baby bunnies just inside the front door, and chickens out the side door. We bought some beautiful vegetables and flowers for our gardens. The kids were really excited to pick out their own veggies. And Peanut was of course enamored with the baby bunnies! This afternoon, after lunch, the kids had a great time planting their own gardens. I’ll try to describe what they’ve planted.
Sparkly planted a tomato, cucumber, 3 spinach, 3 bell pepper, onions, and several marigolds. Our strawberry plants are in the lower right corner of his garden where they wintered. I’ll move them sometime – not sure when.

Sweet Pea planted her favorite Sweet 100’s tomato, 3 bell peppers, carrots, onions, and several marigolds. She planned her garden herself. She’s had it sketched out for some time.

The little black raised beds were a gift from Rob and the kids last year. Our ground is too rocky to plant in – we’ve found raised beds work best for us. The kids begged to have their own gardens, so….they took over the 2 raised beds I have. With any luck, Rob will build some like this for me – the above garden is a neat raised bed my brother built! I love them!

I planted spinach, and two types of Romaine lettuce – everything that didn’t fit in the kids gardens. I also have a basil plant, and some Forsythia that I got from Mom. I’m going to plant the Forsythia in the ground after we get some rain and the ground softens a bit – right now the ground is like a brick, and I don’t even know that the pick-ax could break through! Here’s my stuff on the back deck.

After planting, there was much watering to be done. Now, if only I could get the kids to water the gardens!!

Ahhh….the loveliness of spring. Wonder what tomorrow holds?

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  1. Enjoyed all the pictures. Wish I could have been there! So glad you decided on the long break now. I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy the time off and knowing you I am also sure you will get MANY things done. Love to all.

  2. Tell Sweetpea that the little maple she planted has lots of brothers and sisters in the big box back here. And I’m still below her clover score by 12. But here the crimson clover is going to bloom and the rye patch that the peanut could hide in now hides me just as easily. I love finding the handfulls of sand that they “planted” in my beds.

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