Southern Views

We spent some treasured time visiting family and from there enjoyed a long walk through the amazing gardens at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens

Lots of sunshine and memories to tuck away and treasure!  Thought you’d enjoy a peek!

Garden views…

Front porch views…

Hope the view from your front porch swing is just as lovely!

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  1. Jen, great pictures — especially considering the recent flooding! It doesn't look like there was any damage?

    My sister had water in her backyard, but thankfully that was it.

  2. My folks are up high and Cheekwood is up high as well, so both got by without any water damage from the floods…but the rest of Nashville is still a bit of a mess. I drove over the part of I-24 that was underwater – amazing! The interstate is really a mess there! Many roads are totally washed out. Opry Mills and the Opryland hotel were underwater and all the lush, lovely gardens in the Opryland hotel are ruined! Downtown is still a bit of a mess from the Cumberland River WAY overflowing its banks. There was a lot of damage around there!

    However, it was really inspiring to see the the great southern hospitality spirit in Nashville. The whole community has come together amazingly.

    I'm glad your sister only had water in her backyard, Angela!!!! So many were not as fortunate!

  3. what a beautifully serene place. I wonder: what is that ground cover in the photo of Daddy holding the little one who is resting on Daddy's shoulder. it's lovely.

  4. Gardenia,
    In the picture of my dad holding my littlest…in the background…the groundcover is evergreen vinca. Sometimes it's called periwinkle. It's the most wonderful ground cover! In the early spring it blooms a deep purpley-blue flower. Very pretty. My mom has it growing prolifically – obviously! After a rain it's easy to pull small sections – roots and all – and transplant to another garden. I got all my vinca from my mom's garden this way!

    Probably way more than you EVER wanted to know about vinca! LOL!!!

  5. Jen!!!!! I haven’t seen your blog lately…I don’t know what I have been so busy doing 🙂
    I love your new picture and all of the lovely pictures of the gardens….but it makes me so sad to think that the Opryland Hotel’s gardens are ruined. That is one of the few memories I have from my visit there is walking through the gardens.

  6. Oh my goodness, these are just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
    I love all the green, green, grass. I miss that living in NM!

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