A Bit More About My Favorite Resource!

Margot Davidson, the editor of mater et magistra, has come up with an amazing way to keep subscribers and interested parties updated with the goings-on of the magazine through mater et magistra blognotes.  What a fantastic way of staying up to date with my absolute favorite magazine!

For example, Margot lets us all know that back issues for the Winter 2010 issue have sold out!  It’s no wonder!  That issue was a treasure of resources and ideas encouraging, supporting, and illuminating how many of us arrived at this vocation of Catholic home education!  But, happy day!  Margot says pdf’s of all issues are available for download from the mater et magistra site!  Go download a copy if you don’t have one!  This issue is a treasure to read now and then tuck away for encouragement and perspective on **those** days!

And, how exciting – a little taste of what is upcoming in the Spring Issue!  The theme of that entire issue is learning with the littles, and it’s sure to be a treasure of ideas as we all contemplate the upcoming year!

What a fantastic resource and way of staying updated with upcoming issues and items pertinent to the magazine!  Go add this blog to your google reader right now!

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  1. Hi Jennifer! I can't wait to get my first issue in the mail. Hopefully soon 🙂
    I'm going over to check out the link now 🙂

    I too like your new pics!

    God Bless,

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