Wildflower Trail – Fagan Creek

I’ve only recently discovered some glorious wildflower trails around North Alabama. One of the most exciting is the Wildflower Trail on Fagan Creek. The trail is absolutely stunning and is taken care of by the Huntsville Land Trust. We stopped by Sunday after Mass, and the wildflowers that were already in bloom in early March were just breathtaking! The spring which feeds Fagan Creek is beautiful right now as well. The creek runs parallel to the trail almost the entire length of it.

The wildflower trail begins at the end of a neighborhood road. While we were there, we met and spoke with some of the residents who were so kind and offered us some resources we would never have known about otherwise. Apparently, a Huntsville engineer has devoted a great deal of time to investigating and taking pictures of many of the beautiful trails around the North Alabama area. He has made available a variety of GPS referenced trail maps, wildflower resource guides with approximate blooming dates, and a treasure trove of potential nature walking sites. What a great resource for our area!

Below are a few of the wildflowers that jumped out at me. I stuck just to the beginning of the trail as I was just scouting today, but look at all I found…

(pictured above – Toothwort, 3/8/09)

(pictured above – Trout Lily, 3/8/09)

(pictured above – Hepatica, 3/8/09)

Rob and I can’t wait to go back! I know that we’ll be walking here frequently! I think the Wildflower Trail will make a great spot for the nature club to meet at as well!

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