A Fistful of…

…Corn. Ha. Are any of you familiar enough (read tortured by your husbands) with Clint Eastwood to pick up on that teaser?

Princess Doodlebug surveys her kingdom from the Corn Crib at Tate Farms. We went yesterday to pick pumpkins, pick cotton, and play. Each year they have a huge corn crib about 4 feet deep, 20 feet long and 10 feet wide. It’s like swimming in corn. The doodlicious thought she had died and gone to heaven. Heretofore we had been vigilantly removing all tiny things from her hands…and now…at last…she was thrust amongst a sea of tinies! Sheer happiness!

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  1. hey now! No sauciness on the subject of Mr. Spaghetti!…How many handfulls did princess doodleicious get to eat? “Dried field corn! Yum!…?!” that’ll be a lesson to remember.This should explain any mysterious loathing for candy corn soon to manifest itself (:o Is that the sparkleberry or the peanut just barely not-in-the-picture?Uncle (prefers-spaghetti-to-lesser-starches) C’

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