Sparkly makes his First Holy Communion

For those of you that don’t know us, Sparkly is on the far right. He’s the only one without white. Can I just say that lately I don’t know if I’ve been coming or going, and truthfully I intended to get him a white tie…but forgot. And I feel awful looking at the pictures. Oh well. It didn’t detract from the grace filled day. I was quite worried for him – his stomach was so full of butterflies. Afterward, in the quiet moments we had together, I asked him if he was able to think about sweet Jesus at all. He said that as he walked up to receive Him, he was able to relax and was very excited to be receiving Jesus for the very first time! I was thrilled that Our Dear Lord granted him that moment of quiet and focus. If you know my Sparkly at all you know that he is very sensitive to distractions of any kind, especially the kind that clips to your shirt and touches your neck! 🙂

Deo Gratias for the graces he received! How pleased our Eucharistic Lord must have been to have these sweet children coming to Him!

Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, pray for them.
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