Join me for the 2017 Home Organization Challenge! {free printable}

Hello friends! I hope y’all had a fruitful Advent and are enjoying the Christmas season! Our Christmas was wonderful – full of family and celebrating the Divine Infant’s Nativity, and this Christmas was our last Christmas with our oldest daughter at home! She gets married this May – we’re just a few months away and it’s a flurry of planning activity here! Invitations are being addressed and bridesmaid dresses are being altered (a lot!!). I found my mother-of-the-bride dress (because of course…you cared! LOL!). But, that was a big deal to me – a great check mark on the list!

So, it’s full steam ahead there, and around here, I’m gearing up to start school again in a week and really working hard on some personal projects that I’m absolutely loving! And…I’m getting ready to start A Bowl Full of Lemon’s 2017 Home Organization Challenge! I’d love for you to join in!

I’ve been a fan of Toni Hammersley’s website, A Bowl Full of Lemons, for several years! It’s full of beautiful ideas for home organization. Practical + Pretty. She speaks my language! So when she wrote her book last year, The Complete Book of Home Organization, I was one of the first people in line to grab it. I’ve had it a year now and friends, this book has never been on a shelf  – why? – because it’s always on a table, my desk, next to my reading chair, on my bedside table, or stacked on a working clipboard. I glean from it all.the.time. It is full of gorgeous glossy photos, ideas, and some fantastic totally out-of-the-box organizational thinking – all of which is right up my alley! Complete home organization inspiration!!! If there was ever a book I could get completely behind – this is it.

Well now, that brings us to this point. On January 7, Toni begins her annual Home Organization challenge. If you read through her blog post she provides all the details and you’ll see that she provides a free printable packet to hold your hand through the 14 week challenge. Each week there is a new focus, and the packet she provides give you checklists to work toward in your weekly goals. The different weekly focus points coordinate EXACTLY with her book – there are ideas for every area of your home that are tackled in this Home Organization challenge. And for each focus week (for example: pantry, or master closet) there is a page devoted in the book with helpful steps and ideas for preparing for that focus, sorting, organizing, cleaning, etc.)

Do you need the book to complete the 2017 Home Organization Challenge? No. You can read her blog, grab the free printable packet and go! But the book is a huge help that is absolutely brimming with inspiring ideas!

Now, Toni couldn’t have made this easier or more inviting for us! And I wanted to add a little something that I think will be a tiny help to me each week – a printable sticker to put in my planner to act as a reminder for the focus of the week. And, of course, I’m sharing!

CLICK to download and print the FREE PRINTABLE HERE –> abfol planner printables. These can be printed on sticker paper which you can get from Amazon here, and then cut to trim. These should fit on any planner. I plan in an Erin Condren Life Planner, and I designed these to fit in the top left corner of my planner (in the thankful thought box…I will be very thankful when I’m done!) But they will also fit in the vertical/hourly column of the Erin Condren planner…or on any planner – add one each week to remind you of your weekly focus! {NOTE: Toni’s start date for each weekly focus is on a Saturday, but I’m shifting my start date to the Monday of the following week – because my Monday’s are bionic! So she’s starting on January 7, and I’m starting on January 9.}

When I’m not posting on my blog, I’m sharing little pictures and snippets on my Instagram account. You don’t have to have an account to check in at Instagram, but if you do have an account, I’d love it if you followed along! I’ll be sharing my progress along with some of my organizing projects through the next 14 weeks on Instagram.

I hope you’ll join in A Bowl Full of Lemons 2017 Home Organization Challenge! Let me know if you do!! Happy organizing, friends!

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  1. I have my list printed and am eager to begin! I,too, have decided to begin my weeks on Mondays. We must think alike!!~~ So much goodness and inspiration in Toni’s book. Even though I purge our home regularly I am excited to be cleaning out the corners and freshening our spaces once again. What a great idea to post on instagram as you go along. I will join you. I am @schiedel7.
    And, of course, the mother of the bride dress being checked off the list is indeed newsworthy! Well done!!

  2. Can’t believe you haven’t mentioned this site before, organisation and pretty, a match made for you! Can’t believe our library actually has this book! reserved and waiting for me 🙂

    Huge accolades for MOB dress!! Impressed you have it already, well done. Can’t wait to see pics 🙂

  3. This is too much of a coincidence. I must be meant to join in. Before I read your post, I went to the library this evening and pulled that book off the shelf and brought it home. I was very surprised to see you reference that book. What are the chances? Must be the Holy Spirit dropping me a little hint! I am excited to start the book and I appreciate the links to the printables. It is always more motivating to have support!

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