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We have been searching for another table for our kitchen for some time now…as in years.  And just after getting home from my sister’s wedding I found it.  On Craigslist.
In searching, I knew I didn’t want anything new…or fancy…or formal.  I had a semi-nebulous vision (which is to say that I only really knew how wide and long I wanted it to be) and a very small budget.
Our former table hasn’t fit our family or our spaces very well for some time.  When we have company, we can’t expand it and fit everyone at the same table, so a table with a leaf that could accomodate our family was important to us when I was searching.

After searching for a very long time on Craigslist, I found this table and we’re so pleased with how well it works in our space.  It’s very heavy – VERY heavy – and opens up to expand to a full 96″ which is so exciting to me!

The ladder back chairs at the end of the table came with the table.  There were only four of them so we will just continue to use our old chairs for awhile.  And Merciful Heavens!!! – did you notice that the seats on the new chairs are fabric covered?  I did NOT realize that when I bought the table!  I was just so smitten with the table and the size of it being so right that I nearly gasped when I saw the fabric.covered.chairs!!!  But you know…I kind of like them.  They’re a simple ivory linen, and it would be easy to recover them…and I am CERTAIN that we WILL need to recover them at some point.  But anyhoo…they are…ahem…for the King and Queen.  🙂  The Peanut Gallery gets easily-wipeable-standard-wooden-seat-too-old-to-care-about-them chairs!  I’d like to eventually add some vintage chairs around the table from flea markets or Craigslist.

The style is very informal – farmhouse chic – and it suits us very well.  I really like pairing formal settings with informal furniture.  I love the look of white ironstone and white linen napkins on dramatic, dark wood tones.

And those gorgeous hydrangeas from my sister’s wedding certainly don’t hurt in dressing things up a bit, do they?

It’s nothing extravagant or precious in terms of being a valuable piece of furniture, but it’s special to us, fits our space, fits our family and was a great fit for our budget!

Found anything fabulous on Craigslist lately?

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  1. Looks fantastic, Jen! A perfect fit and really a “farmhouse” feel. Lovely flowers…I hope the wedding was all just as lovely! Congratulations on a newly married sister! What a blessing!

  2. I love it! And I also love white ironstone and white hydrangeas. It looks so good for the whole farmhouse look.

    I've never found anything Craigslist, but this is just a fabulous find. Does this table replace the one with the oilcloth covering?

  3. Great table! And most cloth seats are easy to recover and you can always find sale fabric in neutral colors. We have a long bench we keep in the front hall but use at the table when we need extra seats.

  4. Oh, so nice! The hydrangeas look lovely all over your kitchen; the barn red adds so nicely to that feel too. We keep looking and hoping for something similar. Our table is oval and meant for six so I'm really being patient – budget is important ; ) Thanks for sharing!

  5. I, too, am looking for a new table. We do our school work, art work, eating (practically everything) at our table. We currently have an oak one that is about the same color as yours, and I have never put a table cloth on as I don't like looking at a cloth covered table. Unfortunately, the finish has been ruined from wiping it down with water. Is yours the sort of table that can be easily wiped off without ruining the finish? Does anyone know of a table style/brand that would look as nice as yours without needing to be covered? I hope this is not too dumb of a question…

  6. LOL Erin, I was going to say the exact same thing. 🙂

    It is beautiful, and I'm so glad you found it!

    We are still looking… that table is exactly what we are looking for.

  7. Beautiful! We've recently found a desk, a bookshelf with cabinet and an armoire for our school room/ library. And we are about to pick up a steal of a dining set made by Ethan Allen soon. I'm super exited as I'll finally have a place to display my china. Funny thing is the lady we are buying from is selling because she has three kids now so she wants something more streamlined… 🙂 we have 5 — so we'll be training on the treatment of furniture!

    Now off to suggest hydrangeas to my sis for her spring wedding!

  8. You can cover over the material on the chairs with heavy-gauge plastic. I can explain how do do it simply, if you wish. My friend had a parcel of young girls that were MESSY at the table and she did it and it looked WONDERFUL. They used their kitchen table for EVERYTHING and she said it lasts a long while but keeps some extra plastic on hand to recover in case of accidental punctures (which were rare)

    My table opens up to 102 and I keep it open all of the time because of all the activity that table sees. A little awkward, yes, but oh so worth it. I covered it with fake “oilcloth” that looks like leather (from the fabric store) It still looks great a year later and cleans like a dream. I am not fond of plastic-y things but when you have children, I can see that it can be necessary now and then.

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