11 Inches of Snow!!!!!

In North Alabama!

Those of you that are used to this kind of snow will just have to excuse this snowy serial posting because we here in North Alabama aren’t accustomed to this kind of snowfall.  We sometimes get 2 – 3 inches of snow, just a couple of times each winter.  The last few winters we’ve had very little actual snow.  So…our white Christmas and this major snowfall are BIG NEWS for us!

We went to bed last night with a winter storm warning in effect.  At that time it had only just started flurrying here.  You understand that we were somewhat incredulous at the predictions of 4 – 8 inches of snow.  Until we woke up to this!  11 inches of snow with drifts that were around 18 inches!!  Unbelievable wintry-ness!

Steamy, warm cups of hot cocoa followed all jaunts into our winterscape.  As the sun sets, we still have almost all our snow on the ground.  We’re not to get above freezing for several days, and more snow is expected!  Almost too difficult to believe!

Hope you’re all enjoying warm fires, hot cocoa and the delights of the winterscape in your neck of the woods!

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  1. It's beautiful! And I'm really jealous! We're going to be squeezed out of the big snow — North and South have this big storm and we'll get some paltry 2 inches.

    And I love when the South gets snow — because no one can do anything. It's a really great time to enjoy family and down time, which I know you're doing!

  2. We are in the same boat. We are in North Georgia and received 7 inches with some drifts that were more. Enjoyed it today but ready for it to leave and let everything get back to normal.

  3. I know, Beth!!!

    How much snow did you guys get?

    The kids are working on a SUPER TALL snowman…so far they're 2 levels up and are at 6 feet! Ladders will be involved for the rest. It could be March before that fella melts! LOL!!!!

  4. So beautiful. I have some friends in Tennessee that were talking up the snow but I didn't believe it. The beauty of the fresh fluffiness makes me appreciate the crackly ice world outside my window….okay….maybe not. 😉
    Enjoying the southerners enjoying the snow. …. it's refreshing.

  5. Hi from the northeast! Where I live we had less than this….however, not far away, tis more. It is always such a thrill to see all that pure white in perfection covering our earth, however, you have the luxury of knowing it will pass quickly. Do enjoy it's short stay!
    God Bless.

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