My Apologies…

If you’re linking here looking for a post I published this morning entitled “Considering – Charlotte Mason and Our Approach to Language Arts”, you won’t find it.  Not yet anyway.  Somehow, I accidentally deleted my entire post.  >> Please insert sounds of sobbing here <<  Fortunately, I found the text of the post and a friend provided me with her google reader version of the original post so I could rebuild!  Whew!  Thanks, Jenn!!!

I should have the post rebuilt and republished soon.  If you linked to the old post, the link will be dead and you’ll need to re-link to the new post.  I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience!  And, I have to apologize to Theresa, Paula, and Erin, who all commented on the original post.  Your kind comments have been whisked into digital bits ladies.  LOL!!!  Know that I appreciated them!

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  1. Great post. Like you, we integrate a little of this and a little of that…Mostly Montessori, but some others thrown into the mix as well, including Charlotte Mason and Living books.
    Thanks for sharing. As always, I enjoy reading your blog posts.

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