The Anne field!

Kim and Chris really came through for me and sent me some pictures from their camera. I had to include them here. I wish I had thought to ask for them to include in the original post So Much Scope… Well, above is the Anne field as it was last Sunday. Waiting to spring forth with color, but still holding back. Actually, the Anne fields are between the two tree lines which you can see coming in on the right and left sides of the picture. Just beyond the opening there, the fields open up and start rolling. Kim says she has more pics of the Anne fields. If I can’t get back home next week to take more pics, I’ll try to get hers up here.

Below are some great shots that I had to include.
Is there anything more adorable.

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  1. I can’t believe I had missed seeing some of these great pictures. I really must remember to stop by your site each day.I was wondering are these great memories “saved” somewhere besides this blog. I assume the host site can crash and that all these precious memories you are collecting could be lost! Please tell me that you have them “backed-up” somewhere!

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