A Treasured Simplicity

A bouquet of roses are lovely, but give me a fistful of obliging clover blossoms any day!

As I considered the simple, soft scent of my gift, I thought how lovely it was to appreciate the most simple of offerings.  Not full of fanfare or flourishes or commotion, but characterized by quiet and smallness.  These gifts are not in prized gardens, they are not cultivated generally; they offer themselves freely in the open.  Sometimes, it is the gift that is already underfoot – quiet, unobtrusive, simple, lowly – that is the gift I most need to see and that nurtures me.

How blessed I am by the ordinary.  What quiet delight is in simplicity…in a fistful of clover blossoms.  These are treasures.

I pray these spring days leave you time to inhale the delicious sweetness in the most simple – the smile of your child and a moment spent together.

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