June Feast Table

0998b-p1020089Thought I’d share our finished Sacred Heart displayed above our family Feast Table. Since June is dedicated to the Sacred Heart, that imagery takes precedence, but there are so many other Solemnities to celebrate. One of our favorites, and one of the most beautiful is the Solemnity of Corpus Christi, the Body and Blood of Our Lord, on June 14.

“Corpus Christi (Body and Blood of Christ) is a Eucharistic solemnity, or better, the solemn commemoration of the institution of that sacrament. It is, moreover, the Church’s official act of homage and gratitude to Christ, who by instituting the Holy Eucharist gave to the Church her greatest treasure.” Catholic Culture, Liturgical Year, Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

05db2-p1020088I thought it was beautiful and symbolic to have the red ribbon from our Sacred Heart Craft (symbolic of the graces and the Precious Blood flowing from the Sacred Heart of Jesus) flowing out and dropping into the Chalice as well as the Paten. The red silk symbolizes His Graces, made available to us so generously in the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, going out into the Church, the Body of Christ, working in our lives as we cooperate with them.

On the other side of our Feast Table I have set up very simply Father Oak and the children have vested him in his green vestments. We are entering the The Green Meadow of the Church Year – Ordinary Time.

“The second half of the Church Year is referred to in Austria as “The Green Meadow,” because of the green color of the vestments on Sundays after Pentecost, whereas, until then, they had been violet, red, or white. If the festive character of the first part of the year is comparable to the mountain chains of the Alps or Andes, the single feasts in the months after Pentecost are like isolated peaks towering above the green meadow.”Around the Year with the Trapp Family, Maria Augusta Trapp, 1955, Pantheon Books

Isn’t that a lovely way to characterize ordinary time? We have some peaks to add to to our feast table on the Memorial of the Immaculate Heart, the Vigil and Nativity of St. John the Baptist, and the Solemnity of St. Peter and Paul. But, I thought I’d give you a glimpse of it just as it is today.

Hope you enjoyed a peek at our June table, and I pray that this month, so full of liturgical rejoicing and feasting, is blessing each of your families as it is mine!

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  1. I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. It is so inspiring and I learn so much from your daily celebrations of our faith.

  2. Jen, you are always such a great blogger to read posts with my cup of tea. I have so enjoyed you and Charlotte today bantering back and forth about Father woodsies. 😉 What a hoot, you all made my day! Loved your great post on that topic by the way, but then I read this one. Holy Smokes! What a real inspiration you are, how organized you are, and this one is being passed along to my daughters for my grandbabes. (winkie) It's quite canny how I've been gutting our learning room here the past three days, and semi turning it into a summer play area with new areas of fun for the younger ones. Don't you just love it when they “get it” and take it as their own, the space carved out just for them I mean. Thanks for a wonderful post! God bless!

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