Ladybug Garden

Sweet Pea has been reading in Nature Friend, and decided after several articles on keeping ladybugs as pets, that she too wanted to create a habitat for some ladybugs. She used an old mayo jar with a plastic petri dish cover for a lid. It fits just right over the opening, and Sweet Pea likes that it’s clear. See her looking through the other side as I take a picture.

She went to her garden and added a little dirt to the bottom and planted two little plants in the bottom of her mayo garden. One is a morning glory, but I haven’t identified the other yet. She read that ladybugs drink milk and eat carrots and apples. She used her Nature Friend and an Insects book to identify the difference between the males and females she has gathered. She also spent a lot of time studying their individual characteristics. You know the next logical step….naming them. We have, living on our kitchen counter, Bob, Mary, Betty, and Lady. Sweet Pea plans on journaling about them. We will also observe what happens when you have plants, soil, and moisture in an enclosed environment. How fun!

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  1. This is priceless!! We’re hatching Painted Lady Butterfly’s, right now they’re in there chrysalis stage!! Love the names, very fun!

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