The Canter!

Well, Sweet Pea has done it. Her riding coach felt she was ready to canter. It was “a day of new’s” according to Sweet Pea – new horse, new bridle, new saddle, new horse, new canter. Today she was riding Jack, not little Jack. No longer on a medium pony, but a horse! His gait was much smoother she said, though he was “pokey.” From where I sat, he didn’t look pokey! She did great! Unfortunately, I didn’t capture her first canter on a movie. Peanut was crawling all over me, and I didn’t want him to honk the horn and spook the horse, Sparkly was in the back seat frustrated with the level of noise Peanut and I were making, so he was increasing the volume on the Little Bear DVD until it was blaring in my ear. RATS! I missed it. And her first canter was quite long! Double rats! She cantered again after that, and I managed to get a few of those recorded, though the one I have selected for public viewing (which is the best movie of her cantering) naturally has me chiding Sparkly for his inability to leave Little Bear turned down while I recorded his sister. I should mention that the still pictures here are only of Sweet Pea and Jack trotting. She only cantered while on the lunge line – and that’s recorded on the movie.

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  1. Looks like such fun Sweet Pea. And I didn’t even get the heebie geebies watching you canter. I can’t wait to go to one of your lessons again.

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