Well, I started gathering things from the 4 corners of the house last night – phone numbers and addresses stashed on little pieces of paper, a brochure from our organic beef supplier, receipts, etc. to file in our new home management binder. As I was gathering, I realized – oh our budgets that I keep should probably be there, and also all my home decorating ideas and wants (read: dreams that will probably never have financial backing, but it’s fun to dream,) my list of projects that I’m either in the middle of or soon to be, magazine clippings I’ve saved. So…the notebook grew…and grew….until it finally outgrew the nifty notebook I had it in. Fortunately, every homeschooler has a closet full of notebooks that have been recycled from last year’s art program and the like, so I just grabbed a 2″ binder, and I’m quite pleased with the results. It’s a little more cumbersome, but if I remember Kim’s original directions, she suggests you use a large binder to begin with. I thought “surely not.” Evidently I was wrong.

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  1. Where’s the understated soothing greys! Whats all this color stuff! Sickeningly happy looking. I hurrumph

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