Some days will be like this

I think I might enjoy blogging – though I don’t really understand it all yet. Chatting endlessly to no one in particular seems like it might be enjoyable. But where are all the pretty colors and happy buttons I was promised. I wanted pink lacy things. I need shiny buttons.

I shall tell “no one” about my day.

It started off nicely. I whizzed through lesson plans, updated “the books.” I thought I was on a roll – until I started looking around. Mountains of laundry were everywhere (still are,) dustbunnys were fleeing their homes underneath furniture and were openly taunting me, dinner seemed to be a disaster. My oldest child was mortally wounded on her pointer finger when child #2 lunged with his wooden “light saber.”

Nothing to do but ignore it all and wait for a new day. Everything will be fresh and new tomorrow. Maybe I can find more shiny pink button options tomorrow.

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One Comment

  1. Just loved to hear about the dustbunnies. If I could just keep my kids from eating them, I would be happy. But now that I think about it, it does get rid of the dustbunnies. Oh well, they seem to be ok so I guess I can’t complain.

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