The Close of One Discussion – and the Beginning of Another

A few months ago we began a book discussion of The Living Page by Laurie Bestvater.  It’s been delightful digging into some of these ideas with you.  At the author’s request, the book discussion will not continue and past posts discussing the book’s content have not been retained on this blog. I am truly so grateful to those that joined the earlier discussion – your own sharing was such a blessing to me!  Ms. Bestvater’s book, The Living Page, is a welcome aid to Charlotte Mason educators, myself included, and I’m grateful to have read it.

In re-reading my book discussion notes I chose to retain those ideas that were not book-content-specific. The easiest thing to do was to just merge my notes into one rather long post, and share the resources in another.  I apologize for the length, but maybe it’s nice to find all the CM notebook ideas in one place. ?? What remains are compiled and organized in two posts:

Will the mothers who are doing this {Mother’s Education} course make it their duty to hand on the knowledge they get, as they get it, to {other} mothers…whether in the way of asking a few mothers to tea and chat, or in talk with a single mother in the course of cottage visits, or in mothers’ meetings; anyway will they make “pass on” their watchword. 

Charlotte Mason, 1897, as written to the members of her Mother’s Educational Course

I hope I preserved ideas to “pass on” that are worthy of sharing.

A beginning


For the last few months I’ve been re-reading some of my Charlotte Mason – a lot of hopping around as I research a couple of topics and one thing began to stand out to me: teaching.  Charlotte Mason had some things to say about it.  And I thought, you know, we often speak of narration, forming good habits, nature walks, the rigor of a structured Charlotte Mason education  – but I thought this summer might be a good time to look into what Charlotte Mason had to say specifically to those of us who find ourselves in that position to come alongside and act in the role of teacher.

I’ll be pulling thoughts from Charlotte Mason’s 6 volumes, as well as from Essex Cholmondeley’s excellent book, The Story of Charlotte Mason, and some Parents’ Review Articles.

I’d so enjoy your company!